Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 30th Rock UP House!!

On the may30th im gonna have a house party and im gonna rock this house till it turn upside down... who ever that is reading this and know me pls give me a call or sms to let me know and hope u can turn up XD no.0123162787

Details are here....
Date : May 30th Friday from 8.30pm onwards
Venue: My house, gimme a call 0123162787 or call chua han chun 0122643399
Contact person: Chua Han Chun 0122643399, Tan Thong Kai 0123162787, Joel 0176591842 can contact these ppl for futher enquiries also thx...feed back are wellcome at comments and side chatter box thx
May need some ppl to donate things for the night if possible if not u can just come XD i just hopping we have more things from other ppl as well...things that are wellcome to bring Food Beverages and mainly alcohol XD... is ok if u guys cant bring most important is bring your self not going to have any nice music... if you guys want some cool music to listen to bring your own CD or songs we can compose it over here at my computer and play it!!!
U can also call your girl friends or friends!!! anybody that is nice and hipp about it lol
Stay tune guys May 30th Wild party!!!

P.S: May need some voluenteer to clean some things after the event thx alot

Oh btw this is not a blog yet... too lazy to make a blog for now also donno want to make 1 or not... this is just to let ppl know about the event lol